Powder Coated Cabinets

Grey Powder Credit: CarGuyGarage.com

Power-coated cabinets feature the right blend of durability, functionality and attractive good looks. The base material is usually wood or a wood product like MDF. The powder-coat finish stands up well to moisture, grease and wear. This garage renovation guide gives you details you can use to make an informed decision about using powder-coated garage cabinets.

Options for Powder-Coated Cabinets

The most common colors for powder-coated cabinets are red, white and gray, though some manufacturers offer the entire spectrum of colors. The coating is made from resin particles tinted with pigment. It is sprayed dry onto the wood, sticking because it is electrostatically charged. The piece is than baked. The resin melts and forms an encapsulating, durable finish. The result is a is commercial/industrial-grade finish formulated to withstand the demands of a well-used garage. Bench tops and countertops can also coated with the powder finish to produce a seamless look in your cabinetry. Single components, large wall systems and a variety of kits are available, so you can design the layout that works for your garage and your purposes. Cabinet depths range from about 14 in. to 28 in.

Pros and Cons of Powder-Coated Cabinets

The powder coating produces a tough, homogenous surface that is nearly non-porous. It is very resistant to chipping and scratching, though not entirely impervious. These garage cabinets are very resistant to humidity and water. Spills clean up well, and they won’t stain in most circumstances. The wide range of component pieces and colors give you options for customizing the look of your garage, and these cabinets come with an affordable price tag.

These are very functional cabinets, and they’re attractive too. However, some may feel that they don’t have the beauty of natural wood, stainless steel or high-end aluminum cabinets. They tend to look more utilitarian, with very straight lines and little aesthetic flare. However, they do look clean, neat and tidy. Most won’t last as long as stainless steel or aluminum cabinetry.

Powder-Coated Cabinets Price

Prices vary based on the quality of the base wood or MDF product, the thickness of the powder coating and the hardware that is used. Powder-coated garage cabinet costs start at about $50 per linear foot. Most cost $100-$150 per foot and the most expensive top $200 per linear foot. The cheapest are quite poor in quality, so you may want to stay away from the low end of the spectrum if you want durable cabinets.

Who Should Consider Powder-Coated Cabinets?

If you’re looking for an attractive, cost-conscious cabinet as an alternative to pricier materials, these are well worth considering. They’re available in a variety of colors, sizes and configurations, and they’ll produce a well-maintained appearance in any garage.