Garage Wall Organization

Garage Wall Organization

Garage organizing systems help you make the best use of the space in your garage. Overhead/ceiling racks, gridwall and slatwall designs are among the most popular types. Most feature adjustable shelving, hooks and racks, so you can tailor the way you set up yours to handle your tools, bikes, sports equipment and other gear. This garage renovation guide will help you decide which types of organization systems meet your requirements.

Options for Organization Systems

Overhead storage organizers are built from heavy-gauge steel mounting tracks that handle lots of weight. The down rods are square steel tubing. Mounting a rack to the ceiling gets items up and out of the way, reducing clutter on the floor.

Gridwall systems are built with steel mesh grids and hooks. The grid squares are typically 3-6 in., so spacing items efficiently and making sure they’re in easy reach is very simple. Accessories include hooks and racks in a wide variety of styles.

Slatwall systems feature base panels with slats for shelving. Most are made from tough PVC. The bases are mounted to the wall with fasteners. The shelves snap into the slats quickly and hold quite well. They can be unsnapped and adjusted as needed.

Pros and Cons of Garage Organization Systems

These systems reduce the clutter in your garage. They provide a place for everything, so you’ll know where things are when you need them. The variety of system types give you options that fit your purposes and budget. Many of the racks are coated with rubber, so they won’t scratch your items. Organizers are a great complement to garage cabinets and work well for things you access on a regular basis. For those on a budget, organization systems are a low-cost alternative to cabinetry.

The biggest drawback of organizing systems is that the items they store are still in view. Some will prefer to have smaller items out of site in cabinets with just larger items on racks. In addition, security is an issue with racks. If someone can access your garage, they can take your stuff. Locking cabinetry is a better choice for expensive tools and equipment if you’re concerned about security.

Garage Organization System Prices

Single bike rack kits cost $30-$75 per bike. Organizers in 4 ft. x. 4 ft. and 4 ft. x 8 ft. sections cost $175-$325 from various manufacturers. Accessories such as hooks and shelves cost $3-$25.

Who Should Consider Organization Systems?

If you want to reduce clutter and increase floor space in your garage, these systems will definitely help. By themselves or in combination with garage cabinets, organizing systems will improve the functionality of any garage. Also important to note, garage organization systems can be used for both traditional garages and garage conversions.