Hardware Options

Hardware Options

Choosing the right hardware options for your garage cabinets allows you to customize their look as well as their performance.

Drawer and Cabinet Pulls

When you shop for cabinets, you’ll be given a selection of pulls to choose. Standard arch pulls and knob pulls come in hundreds of choices. Styles include traditional, contemporary, industrial and many others. Finishes range from stainless steel to black. Other popular options are bronze, chrome, nickel and pewter in dozens of shades. Most cabinet hardware options are pretty affordable, so it won’t be too costly if you decide to change it in a few years to spruce up the look of your cabinetry.


Hinge type is another consideration. Hidden hinges offer a streamlined look as well as good performance. External hinges are often used to add visual interest to the face the cabinet door. Hinges come in many different styles and finishes, so matching then to the pulls should be easy. You may find hinges in the same series as the pulls you choose. Hinges can be chosen that blend with the cabinetry or that provide a contrasting color or look.

Hooks and Racks

For garage organizers, important hardware choices include the type of hooks and racks you select. The first concern is strength. Buy hardware with enough beef to hold the items you intend to hang from them. If you install the organizers yourself, be sure to use steel wood screws rated for the job. Vinyl-coated or rubber-coated hooks won’t scratch bike frames and won’t rust. PVC racks for wall slat wall systems offer come in a nice selection of choices to meet the specific purpose.

Hardware options for garage cabinetry and organizing systems provide the finishing touch. You’ve got a wide selection that will do the job and look great too.