Garage converted to a kitchen

Garage converted to kitchen

A small home and children are some of the main reasons people need more living space in their house. While it’s common to convert an attic or basement, recently more people have been converting their garages into a fully functional living space. Although some people don’t have the infrastructure available many people are enjoying the benefits that come with a converted garage. Whether you’re looking for an extra bedroom, office, living room, or have any other  needs for the space, converting a garage to a living space can be a great investment.

There are many benefits to converting your garage to a living space. One of the most obvious and immediate benefits is that there is more living space available to be used. Most garages are dark, cold, and uninsulated which really narrows down the possible uses. Having the garage converted provides homeowners with a well-lit and airy living space without having to put on expensive additions or complete expensive renovations. A converted garage also adds more value to the home. Many families only have one car and have no problem leaving it in the driveway which turns the garage into a glorified storage space. Converting the garage into a living space provides many more uses for the space and prospective buyers are willing to pay more for a properly completed and high-quality conversion. A garage conversion is also one of the easiest renovations you can do to your home to make it more comfortable and add more living space without sacrificing outdoor property. The infrastructure is already in place and just needs to be updated and renovated instead of being built completely from scratch.
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While there are many benefits to converting your garage into a living space there are also some disadvantages. Obviously people who convert their garage no longer have a garage to use. Any tools, light-machinery, or any other items typically stored in the garage will have to be stored somewhere else. This is only practical for homeowners with a large basement or existing shed. The garage conversion will drastically reduce the amount of storage space and eliminate the ability of using the garage as a workshop. Another disadvantage depends on the seasonal weather in your area. If you live in a cold area there is a lot more work involved converting the garage. Heating has to be added, more insulation is needed, and there is a variety of other cold-weather projects that need to be completed. The cost is also a major disadvantage. Although many people would like to convert their garages it can be an expensive and time-consuming process depending on a variety of variables. People who are considering a conversion should be financially prepared to cover the expenses of the project.

Whether you need a new bedroom, or you want to add another living room to your house, a garage conversion can bring many benefits to your life. If you’re looking for contractor help on converting your garage to a living space request a free estimate for your conversion needs.