Ecofriendly components for your garage renovation project help you reduce energy use and limit your impact on the environment. Here are the top 5 ways to green up your garage.

Choose Sustainable or Recycled Materials

Bamboo is great for countertops and flooring. Repurposed wood and recycled glass are other green countertop options. Cork and linoleum are ecofriendly products for the floors. If you choose carpet, consider low-VOC products with the Green Label or Green Label Plus certification on the back of the sample.

Install Efficient Mechanical Components

Heat pumps and central air conditioners should have a 16 SEER rating or higher. Furnaces should be 90% AFUE or greater. Mini split systems can be very efficient too. Avoid space heating with electricity. It uses up to 4 times more energy than a heat pump and 2.5 times the energy of a 90% furnace.

Use a programmable thermostat for the HVAC system. Program the system to run less when no one is using the space.

A tankless gas water heater is the most energy-efficient way to heat water. A point-of-use tankless electric water heater is next. Avoid a standard electric water heater. Like space heaters, they consume far too much energy to be considered green.

Insulate Well

Well-insulated space is far easier to heat than drafty space. Use 2”x6” construction for the walls, if you still have a choice, and fill the space with extra insulation. Add an extra layer in the attic. You’ll cut energy use in every season.

Choose glazing for the windows that is Energy Star rated. Andersen, Marvin, Pella and the other top brands all make low-E glass that reduces heat loss in winter and heat penetration in summer. Explore your options. You may find glass formulated specifically for your climate.
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Use LED Lighting and CFL Bulbs

They have different uses, but both offer significant energy savings over standard lighting. LED lighting creates less heat, so you won’t have to run the AC as much. You’ll find LED and CFL light options for every type of lighting you need.

Clean Green

There are products for all types of cleaning that won’t harm the environment. These include general cleaners for surfaces and floors, bathroom cleaners, carpet shampoo and laundry detergents. They may cost a bit more, but you can be confident they aren’t costing the planet.

It’s never been easier to choose green products for the home. These 5 tips for an ecofriendly garage renovation will reduce energy use while protecting the environment.