Cost of Home Improvement

Cost of Home Improvement

There are lots of great ways for cost-conscious homeowners to get a garage remodel they really love. These tips for garage remodeling on a budget will help you maximize the benefits while minimizing the cost.

Do the Work Yourself

Labor costs are often higher than material costs on a garage remodel, especially when you’re on a tight budget. Reduce those labor costs by doing as much of the work as possible. Here are some of the ways you can do that without getting into work best left to a professional.

Run wire: Running wire to where outlets are installed is easy. You need a drill and a drill bit designed to go through the studs. From there, you just pull wire from the starting point to each outlet, light switch or fixture box. Leave a 8”-12” of slack on each side for making connections. If you have basic skills, there’s no reason you can’t install the boxes and the outlets and wire them. Get basic instructions from you electrician before you start. Leave the job of connecting the wire to the panel to the professional.

Insulate the walls and attic yourself: Rolls of insulation are very easy to install between framing studs. The rolls come in 16” widths with margins on the sides for fasteners. A staple gun and staples is all you need to hold the insulation in place. Insulating the attic is even easier.

Hang drywall on walls: It’s not that hard, especially if you’re working with 8 ft. or 10 ft. ceilings. Again, get a few instructions from the person who will be finishing the drywall or look for tutorials online. The drywall finisher will easily cover any mistakes you’ve made.

Painting: Learn the basics of painting if you don’t have experience, and then do it yourself. Follow the rules, and it will turn out great.

Choose Affordable Materials

Every component you plan to use in the project will have a price range. You can select quality materials that meet your budget. Here are your options.

Flooring: Vinyl flooring and carpeting are available in very affordable grades. Ceramic tile is cheap too, but only if you plan to install it yourself. Engineered wood and laminate sold on clearance can also be inexpensive.

Cabinets: Cabinets made from particle board are quite inexpensive. If you choose wood, you’ll find builder’s grade cabinets on the rack at building supply stores. You’ll save money by finishing them yourself.

Countertops: You can buy these off the rack too, and cut them to fit your cabinets. They are available in many attractive laminate styles.


Materials and labor are the two primary expenses in a garage remodel project. Reducing those costs will reduce your bottom line to where it needs to be.
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