Concrete and Epoxy Garage Floor

Custom Stained & Epoxy

There are several solid garage floors that you may want to consider for your project. This garage renovation guide gives you the pros, cons and prices for each one.

Plain Concrete Garage Floors

This is always a good option. It combines durability with a price that is fairly affordable. The cost for a finished garage floor is $6-$8 per square foot. If you want to tint the concrete, the price is slightly higher. The downside to concrete is that it will crack at some point. If the ground beneath it has been leveled and packed very well and enough expansion joints are used, the cracks will be minor, even superficial. Concrete can be stained by oil too.

Painted Concrete

Paint formulated for garage floors is pretty tough, but don’t expect this to be a long-term solution. Hot tires and moisture can peel it. If you’re looking to cover up stains in the short-term, paint is okay. If you want a garage floor you’ll love for years, there are better options. Make sure the floor is very clean before applying paint, or it won’t adhere very well. Any cracks should be filled and sanded if needed. Quality garage floor paint costs $0.25-$0.40 per square foot and can be applied with a long-nap roller.

Acid-Stained Concrete

You’ve got the same benefits and pitfalls, here, at a price that is $9-$12 per square foot. Acid-stained concrete can be very attractive. When done correctly, it looks like natural stone. It is most similar in appearance to granite in the veining and color hues within the concrete. You can tint and stain concrete to create an unlimited number of options. This is probably not a DIY project. The techniques used to get the look right require experience.

Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Used in automobile showrooms and other high-traffic areas, this is a more durable coating than paint. It is applied directly to the concrete. The epoxy comes in many different colors, though grays and neutral colors predominate. Some grit is added to the coating to make it slip-resistant, yet it has a shiny gloss to it that doesn’t dull easily. The coating is resistant to oil and chemicals, and it washes up quickly and easily.

Depending on how heavily you use your garage, you can expect solid floor coating to last 12-20 years. In preparation for applying it, cracks should be filled and smoothed. Minor cracks that occur after the coating is applied won’t be noticeable. Depending on the condition of the garage floor, expect estimates to be $2-$3 per square foot for the material and application.

Choosing the Right Solid Garage Floor

If you don’t want plain concrete, then consider your options and their costs. It might make sense to get several written estimates for acid-stained concrete and solid garage floor coating to learn more about the products and to compare prices. Get your eyes on as many floors as possible too, and you’ll soon have a real good handle on which type best fits your plans for your garage. If repairing vs replacing your concrete floor is an option, check out our repair vs replace guide for concrete floors.